Carol Milliman-Estes 

Fudge Maker

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Retail / Wholesale


For wholesale inquiries 
please contact us.


Camden, NY

Visit us at various events
throughout Central New York.






     Delivery is free of charge within the Camden area.  You can call us at
(315)245-3120, email at
or message us on Facebook at Milliman's Candy Kettle Fudge to set up a delivery time. 


Make sure
you try our new


Per LB


Sold by the pound
aproximately 22 pieces
Mix & Match your flavors.

Our Creamy Delicious Flavors!

*Plain Chocolate

*Chocolate Cherry



*Chocolate Walnut

*Chocolate Raspberry

*Peanut Butter




Milliman's Fudge
is not only fantastic to eat yourself.
But it also makes a great gift for:

Birthday, Anniversaries, or any special gift giving occasion.  
 Just give us a call.


Look for the "Fudge Mobile" at local shows around Central New York!